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Fourteen. Zhenghua Sec. I want love, trust, honesty, respect, basically a good solid loving relationship that can not be broken no matter what happens.

Waiting for his drama show now ~ (: WOOO !!
Ytd was so much fun , went to bugis with mx , marie and sherry . Bought a handbag, Cute little monster tee and black bottom tanktop , mx bought blue colour. Meet them at 1, meet mx first . HAHHAHAH ! After tat,we took bus. MX MUST CHEER UP HOR ! :> Otherwise i will be sad ok ? SMILE (: Hehehhe . First we go to iruma, dont no izzit spell correctly. Bleh .. Buy GUMMY GUMMY, long time nvr went there buy le. LOL ! We went back to bugis street to SHOPPING ! , i was looking for handbag.. We also went there to buy clothes. Looking for it a long time. Take neoprints with mx . After eating dinner, meet back with them . TIME TO GO HOME ~ TIRED BUT FUNN !!!! xD .. Sorry mx, derh photo will be soon . HAHAHHA ! Hope cann go out with them soon ... End post ! (:

Tml going back to school for giving NYAA booklet. Meet xinyun at 12pm. (: HAHAHHA ! ....
Nowadays quite busy, packing books for the unwanted one, on tues went out wif SOTONG !! So happy. xD , 29 nov and is was next monday she going to overseas. ): Miss her so much, hehheheh ..
On tat day, we also go back school buy next year books tat we need .
GTG ! ~
End post here .


Nowadays keep going to marie house there PLAY ! hahahah, so fun . That day i was shock, i was wearing camp-tee and i was also going to meet kesie at her station and she was wearing camp-tee too den after that we walked to meet marie and she was also wearing camp-tee sial ! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH !! Awhile ask guolian to come and play also, LOLOLL ! she also wearing camp-tee . Is this call FATE or wad ? LOLs, one more month holiday ~ hehehe. End post here, byes . (:
Hey, i coming back to post again .
Quite a few days tat nvr post le. Haha . (:
Finally , exma had over !
I was so HAPPY but when i noe my results on next monday, i was so scare. ._.
Ytd night xy call me tat maths paper 2 only 18 ppl pass ! WTH ?
How cann it be ? Confirm i will fail derh, cos i dont have derh confidence anymore to my maths. :(
Wed goin to perform, i dont like dancing .
Sign .
End post here . XD